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weak point. his well known sideline intensity is part of 49ers legend. >> we are excited when he is yelling at the referee. >> reporter: it's something the players say they don't just hear, they feel it. does it give you an edge? >> absolutely. he gets fired up, i think everybody gets fired up. we sue your head coach out there running around banging on guys, that's what you want to see to get you ready to go. >> his energy is so high. he keeps it that way. and it's a good thing because we can all feed off it. >> reporter: and one thing coach harbaugh told his players today, ken, he wants them to enjoy the competition of the game which is really what it's all about when the ball gets kicked off and they go up and down the field and they start banging heads together, he wants them to enjoy the intensity of that competition, the championship of professional football. >> yeah. so many teams never get back. better enjoy while you're there. len ramirez in santa clara,
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thank you. and the box office at candlestick park was a hub of 9ers fan activity for one last time this season. these are the season ticketholders who got in that lottery and won a chance to buy a pair of those coveted super bowl tickets. all they had to do was pony up $1,700 or more. one fan told us, hey, it's worth it. >> $1,700. i been a season ticketholder for 30 years. this is my second super bowl. i have been to the one in stanford. now i'm going to the one in new orleans, whoo! [ laughter ] >> thank you. >> that's ralph avila. now that he has his tickets, he says he will figure out how to get to new orleans and where to stay. some winners say they will be driving while others say they are going to fly into neighboring states and then drive to new orleans. the san francisco police department is sharing its game plan for super bowl sunday. it involves tackling any fan violence before it gets out of hand. cbs 5 reporter da lin is in san francisco with a look at how
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police are planning a little play a little zone defense. right? >> reporter: the mission will get heavy police coverage in this area. come game day, you remember fans set bonfires throughout the city including one at mission and 19th streets when the giants won the worlds. and so that's why the police department will have a lot of folks here to make sure this zone, this area, will be contained. the san francisco police department has its game plan down for super bowl sunday. chief greg suhr tells me he will have two operations, one group of police officers will respond to regular service calls and then bring in a second group of officers mostly on overtime to handle post-game celebrations. >> we bring in all the other officers for crowd management. >> reporter: he wouldn't give a number but says it will be well over 100 officers.
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those officers will patrol the known hot spots, such as broadway street, polk and the marina. they will pay special attention to the mission. historically, the mission district has attracted huge crowds. this was how it looks after the giants won the last world series. not even the pouring rain could dampen the celebration. >> a lot of younger people here, you know, and a lot of the bars and restaurants have parties that are going on. >> and generally this neighborhood is a little more tolerant of a little bit of debauchery. >> reporter: many people hope fans citywide will celebrate responsibly after some fans were out of hand during the last world series celebration. >> the bonfire scares me the most because this is an old city with wooden buildings. and if something got out of hand, it could spread fast. >> reporter: chief suhr says the reason there were so many bonfires during the last celebration? >> somebody lost traffic of the
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-- somebody lost traffic. fact that it was track of the fact fact that it was garbage night so there was just a lot of fuel at the curb. >> reporter: he says this time they will make sure the trash pickup will be done before game time. there will be diesel buses on sunday so drivers could drive away from rowdy crowds. live in the mission district, i'm da lin, cbs 5. >> in our super bowl news we have learned late this afternoon stevie wonder is the latest performer to be playing in new orleans over the super bowl weekend. he will play a concert the night before the game. a spokesman says wonder will be joined by blues legend gary clark and rapper pit bull. much more super bowl coverage still ahead at 6:00. a look into the mind of 49er quarterback colin kaepernick. his parents tell us what makes him such a fierce competitor. also in the news tonight a potential change in state law could mean saving the lives of
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mountain lions that wander too far into our neighborhoods. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington tells us a number of options are on the table. >> this bill actually becomes a wake-up call a signal a message to every citizen of california to think differently about lions. >> reporter: it was early last month that two lion cubs were killed by game wardens in half moon bay. at the time, they were deemed dangerous to the public. but they were later found to be only four months old weighing less than 15 pounds each. the incident caused an uproar. the director of the department of fish and wildlife said he regretted the shooting and now senator jerry hill of san mateo introduced senate bill 132, legislation that could reform mountain lion encounters. >> the bill requires wardens to pursue nonlethal options when humans are not at risk. >> reporter: the animals would be rehabilitated and relocated. right now, guidelines allow any lion that comes into human contact to be killed.
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rehabilitation of big cats is currently illegal in california. the mountain lion foundation offered examples of five nonliele that procedures: one, capturing mountain lions using bait on traps. two, pursuing a lion until it's cornered. three, using tranquilize guns or pills. four, monitoring the animals with collars or surgical implants. and five, hazing, using loud noises like sirens. they would also partner with veterinarians and other organizations who are experiences dealing with wildlife. >> i believe our fish and wildlife wardens do an outstanding job every day under harsh conditions and with limited resources. so what we're doing is trying to offer them the tools that they can put in their toolbox when they encounter mountain lions. >> reporter: a spokesman from a rescue group said no matter what happens to the bill they plan to obtain 10 acres for mountain lion rehabilitation if
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and when it's needed. elissa harrington, cbs 5. other bay area headlines, an oakland teen has been sentenced to 25 years in prison for killing his adoptive parents last january. 16-year-old moses kamin pleaded guilty to both murders in december. he was charged as an adult in the deaths of 50-year-old the parents. a dublin county shot and wounded this morning on frederiksen lane as the suspect's dad called 911 saying his son was acting strange. in san jose police officers are looking for several suspects in connection with a deadly stabbing. it happened last night outside an apartment complex in the kenwood neighborhood. the victim was in his 30s, stabbed multiple times and died at a hospital. this marks the city's third murder of the year. apple stock continues slumping today. now it is no longer the world's
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most valuable company. shares dropped 2.4% to close at $439.88. apple started the slide wednesday on a weak earnings report. analysts are concerned that updating old products like iphone won't generate profit like the new products will. exxonmobil is now the leading company with apple second. collecting cash from customers and keeping it from employees. coming up how the problem among san francisco restaurants is worse than we first reported. >> here are the proud parents, tonight hear from colin kaepernick's parents, why they say their son isn't nervous on the field. >> some super weather to get outside today and now on a friday evening, pretty nice to get outside, still 50s in san francisco, the nearly full moon
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over the bay bridge. will it be this perfect over the weekend? i'll explain why not coming up. all right. go 9ers! >> good luck, 49ers. we are the faithful. >> go, 49ers. >> go 9ers. >> yeah. >> good luck, 9ers. >> good luck.
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surcharge. we first broke the story exclusively eating out in san franciscan mean you will pay extra for a healthcare surcharge. we broke this story exclusively several months ago that restaurants were collecting cash from customers but not making it available to employees. our investigation first uncovered a few restaurants that were breaking the law. today, we're learning from the city attorney the problem is more widespread. part of the dining experience in san francisco is paying a little more to help cover your
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server's healthcare. >> we're here today to announce -- >> reporter: but according to the city attorney, many restaurants will be breaking the law. he is now telling nearly 50 of them to clean up their acts or get charged with fraud. >> they charge surcharges to be in compliance with san francisco's universal healthcare law but use little or none of the funds to provide healthcare benefits to employees. >> reporter: he won't disclose the names of the restaurants under investigation but sent out warning letters giving them three months to come forward. we have obtained a list of nearly 100 restaurants including some of the most prominent in the city who reported they collected more in surcharges than they paid to employees, in some cases the difference is more than $300,000. just last week, herrera's office made a deal with a pizzeria fining them more than $200,000. they admitted they hadn't set up employee healthcare accounts in 2009 or 2010 and fell short of the requirements in 2011.
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>> we dropped the ball on reporting our health savings accounts to our employees. we solved that problem on our own in 2011. >> reporter: however, they said they set up accounts for employees citing this letter that appears to be an explanation for benefits for the first employee to file a complaint. she says she never got that letter. nor did she get any information from managers despite repeated requests. >> over the course of two to three years, i was asking about it. >> reporter: attorneys at the city confirm the letter freeman showed us never came up in the months of negotiations with the city. they say freeman committed that they never set up a 2009 healthcare account. >> you're referring to paxti's. >> reporter: herrera who initially applauded them -- >> there's an example of how a restaurant stepped up and did the right thing. >> reporter: -- is now reconsidering. >> if they want to void the settlement agreement i'm happy to go to litigation with them. >> after we spoke to the city
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attorney, his office gave us this draft of the settlement sent to the pizza place in october. they say the restaurant had months to prove they had abided by the law and wonder why new documents are only surfacing now. go to for the list of restaurants who have collected more in surcharges than they have actually paid to employees. you may be surprised to see who is on the list. an ingredient is being removed from some gatorade products. it's called bromiated vegetable oil. the ingredients spreads flavor evenly but can be used as a flame retardant. it's used in other drinks as well like powerade and squirt. pepsico the owner of gatorade says the move is in the wake of customer complaints not any health concerns. you'll probably hear a lot about colin kaepernick after the super bowl.
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his marketing firm is introducing colin kaepernick, inc., to the sporting world. the company says it's received more than 50 requests from those waiting to use the 49er quarterback in their marketing. they are trademarking variations in his name including kaepernicking. >> fans of colin kaepernick have watched his meteoric rise to become one of the hottest athletes in the world and two people have been there for the whole wild ride. nita iranpour records. >> reporter: with colin kaepernick's rise to fame his parents forced into the spotlight. >> it's all good and i think every game we got closer to the play-offs ramped up. >> reporter: teresa and rick kaepernick gracious enough to sit down with cbs13 to tell us about the small town boy who always had to be the best. >> playing little league, and mrs. kaepernick says, if you hit a double or more i'll buy you a new -- >> he had been nagging me
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wanting tennis shoes i didn't want to buy. >> reporter: at 10 years old what does colin do? >> he gets a double. and he gets out there on base and he starts kind of dancing around and waving at me in the stands and pointing at his feet and i'm going oh, no. >> reporter: they have been his biggest fans through little legal, all sports at pittman high in turlock and football at nevada. now as 49ers starting quarterback heading do the super bowl, mom and dad still think of him as their sweet at times silly colin. >> they played chinese dominos. >> mexican train dominos. >> and, you know, he had brought another nfl player with them. at the end of the day it might be 25 days old. >> reporter: the smack talk is flying. >> reporter: the parents say he is staying grounded as well as the parents. >> i think i wanted him to continue to be the person he is. be true to yourself. follow the path. and do the right thing.
6:17 pm
>> reporter: i just want him to be happy. you know, continue doing what he is doing. maybe find a wife someday but that's down the road. >> i'm sure a lot of girls hoping to be that gal. >> exactly. >> we have been featuring your photos showcasing your 49ers pride. 75-year-old suzanne miller of fremont says that she has been a 49ers fans since the days of joe montana and bill walsh. yeah. >> and we have carla rivers of vallejo leaning against a 49ers truck. there's some pride. >> yeah. oh, yeah. from south city! here's ben and eva aquino with their 5 grandsons. that's a 9er family. >> and, of course, we would love to see your super bowl photos. email us at or upload them to our website, our meteorologist paul deanno is here. and, you know, aside from talking football today, a lot of people in the bay area are
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talking about the nice weather. >> it was so beautiful today. my 2-year-old son was rocking the gore jersey on sunday for the game. maybe uploading it top of next week. we were talking about spring- like weather today. kind of go out and practice baseball not talking about the super bowl. the giants season not too far away beautiful friday night and practicing with the bay lights once again. look at the bridge. that's cool. 25,000 new l.e.d. lights the whole show gets started the first week of march but they are doing some practice runs right now and practice makes perfect. they are well on the way. here's a shot in san jose. some of the high temperatures that ken was talking about. gilroy 67. oakland 67. livermore 66. napa redwood city 65. san francisco 64. all in all a gorgeous day. nothing on the ray . mainly dry this evening. likely will stay that way overnight. why the huge difference? yesterday heavy rainfall in the
6:19 pm
south bay cloudy today mainly sunny skies. that cutoff area of low pressure doing whatever it wants and today it wanted to move farther south so we have the southerly influence warm but no cloud cover and no rainfall. san diego county orange county l.a. county, heavy rainfall king this evening. now we look tow north. serious cloud cover coming here tomorrow. behind the front we go to the 50s. some of you will be 10 degrees cooler tomorrow. winds go clockwise around high pressure. we'll have chilly nights and mainly sunny days. over the weekend slight chance of shower best chance on sunday morning. nights will be cold next week. but we will be sunny. tomorrow sunny, mid- to upper 50s. san francisco 56. oakland 58. mountain view 57. fairfield 57. best chance of rain sunday morning not much.
6:20 pm
next week will be chilly and sunny. likely hitting 60 degrees by thursday. so folks who want the rainfall, i know you're one of them, ken, this is not your pattern but it still feels like winter outside at least. >> not my pattern. >> you want the rain and mountain snow. i think we are going to get another round of that. >> it's still early in the season. >> only january. >> exactly. >> snow this weekend? tahoe 3 or 4" of snow this weekend. >> we'll take it. coming up, workers say it used to be a dump. but now everything here is brand-new. what you'll hear at this bay area animal shelter that employees never heard before. >> go, 49ers and, uhm, i hope you have a great, uhm, game, and i hope you win. >> i haven't really watched any games because i have been busy but i'm going to watch the whole game this time. and just go 9ers.
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new state of the art animal shelter. and one of the she it took 13 years but berkeley finally has a beautiful brand-new state-of- the-art animal shelter. one of the most outstanding improvements is what you don't hear. john ramos takes a tour. reporter: even the people who worked at berkeley's animal shelter say the place was a dump. >> the old one had sort of the prison feel about it. >> reporter: but that was then. this is now. the dona spring animal shelter opened in november and with it came an unfamiliar sound. almost nothing. the kennels are separated by soundproof plexiglass and what a difference that has made. >> as you can see, most of them are quiet and sleeping. and the other place over eight
6:24 pm
hours a day they were barking at each other in the dark. >> reporter: the animals are calmer now and more sociable. they enjoy their view out the window watching the birds at nearby aquatic park. >> hi, girl. >> reporter: even cranky old blanche has decided it's not so bad to be around people. and it's healthier here, too, because each pen has separate ventilation, there have been no outbreaks of kennel cough or ringworm which plague most shelters. >> or if we were to get an outbreak in this room we can close this room down for the rest of the shelt still functioning. >> reporter: and there's a new clinic complete with operating room and full-time vet tech. animals that used to be trucked out for expensive private vet care can now be treated here at home. >> it's so good for the staff and that in turn is great for the animals and that's great for the community. >> reporter: but no one is happier than greta. she came here missing parts of a leg and today, the staff fitted her with a brand-new prosthetic.
6:25 pm
it will take a few months to get used to it but that's not going to slow her down a bit as she waits for a new home. >> with animals like greta and the other animals that are here, the best we can do for them is a facility like this which restores one's faith in the society that can spend some money correctly. >> reporter: in berkeley, john ramos, cbs 5. just in case you forgot, we are your super bowl station. that's right. these children in san mateo are getting into the 49ers spirit. today students at saint gregory's catholic school wore red to school and rallied for the home team during recess. >> i want to say go 9ers and i hope they win. >> good luck. i hope they beat the ravens. >> good luck, and i hope they win. >> go ravens! >> awesome. students in every grade level from first to eighth dressed up
6:26 pm
there today in 49ers gear and i know the team is going to see this and they thank you. we are sending a team of reporters to cover super bowl xlvii in new orleans. our coverage will include sports director dennis o'donnell, vern glenn, michelle griego and mike sugerman. and we'll have all the action for you. coming up in the next half hour, a case of bullying now a criminal investigation. >> it's terrible when it happens on the playground. but once a kid goes home, he should feel safe. >> how police say a 14-year-old attacked a bay area student without laying a hand on him. >> an up-close look at how the sideswiped part of the bay bridge is being repaired. >> and how much you would have to pay if you snagged super bowl tickets tonight. how many patience could really pay off.
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shot. this happened at east 12th street and 49th avenue. the officer has been rushed to a ho breaking news from oakland. a police officer has been shot. we are gathering details as we speak. this happened at east 12th street and 49th avenue. the officer has been rushed to a hospital. no word yet on his condition. we have crews on the way to the scene. again, to recap an oakland
6:30 pm
police officer shot in east oakland. and we are getting details and we'll deliver that as it comes in. a bay area teen faces serious charges after some schoolyard taunting goes too far. police arrested the morgan hill middle schooler for cyberbullying. cbs 5 reporter mark sayre on how some virtual threats landeds him in trouble. >> reporter: cyberbullying is using communications technology with the intent to harm others. even though this particular incident occurred off campus, both morgan hill police and school district administrators are investigating. reporter: as school ends for the day at britton middle school, students head for home it was off campus earlier this week that two 13-year-old students were first shot with an air soft pellet gun by a fellow 14-year- old student. a morgan hill police school resource officer found the older student on campus and told them the bullying must stop. >> the child agreed that he would stop, and apologized for his actions and no later than
6:31 pm
that night he went home and got on social media and started bullying the victim minor again. >> reporter: that's when police again got involved citing the 14-year-old not only for battery but also for cyberbullying. >> we take all incidents of cyberbullying seriously. >> reporter: the principal is now sending a message to parents on the school district's auto dialer system in part saying, the school will work with law enforcement in incidents of student safety when incidents off campus affect school climate. parents say cyberbullying is a serious problem and they are glad police and school officials are involved. >> it's terrible when it happens on the playground. but once a kid goes home, he should feel safe. and, you know, if you can't feel safe at home, what do you have? >> with the internet and instagram and facebook, a lot of kids don't have the policing or discipline at home to really send them down the right path.
6:32 pm
>> reporter: now because the victims and also the suspect in this case are all minors, authorities are not releasing their names. as for that 14-year-old, he was issued a juvenile citation, julie. his next appointment is with a judge where he will have a chance to explain what he was trying to accomplish. back to you. >> thank you, mark sayre. today we got a close-up look at the repair work that's going on, on the bay bridge tower. it was damaged earlier this month when an oil tanker brushed it. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran got a look at what still needs to be done. reporter: there's still a lot of work to be done on the damaged fender but caltrans says the priority is to remove the damaged section of it 47 feet of it. now on our boat tour of that bay bridge fender we saw caltrans crews hard at work taking away sections of debris. there are several layers to the
6:33 pm
fender from the wood exterior to the steel and concrete skirt. remember, these repairs came after that oil tanker the overseas reymar sideswiped the bridge earlier this month. caltrans says it will take a week to get rid of the debris. the whole process of repairing the fender will take 4.5 months. >> going to be a very complex process. as you can see, this is a big structure. and but we have a good team at work on it and we know things are going to be still pretty much on schedule. >> reporter: the estimated cost to fix the bridge is anywhere between $2 million to $3 million. but again, that's just an estimate. that number could change as they continue repair work on that fender. in oakland, cate caugiran, cbs 5. well, with the super bowl comes merchandise lots it and one local t-shirt company is looking into cashing in on the kaepernick craze. cbs 5 reporter patrick sedillo tells us they have plenty of shirts but not enough vendors. >> what are you looking for
6:34 pm
again? >> colin kaepernick. >> why? >> because he's our quarterback. >> reporter: this fan couldn't find what end but at this san francisco warehouse, the machines are churning out kaepernick t-shirts as fast as they can. >> we have probably printed 500 an hour. >> reporter: steve holcomb works with the nfl players association and is cashing in on the celebrity of the comeback kid. >> getting close to overdrive. we have done several thousand and now we are printing more. >> reporter: they are put through a drier where they end up here. they are going to make about 3,000 of these today alone. >> we want to sell 30,000 of them i think. that's how hot he is. he was shipping some to the coast guard in the chesapeake, virginia. so he is a very popular athlete. >> reporter: the special shirts are only available in two places. >> raley's. >> right. >> and i guess if you get on the base of the coast guard you can get one there. >> reporter: reporting from san
6:35 pm
francisco, patrick sedillo, cbs 5. yeah. coming up, paying a premium to go to the game. the price tag for tickets on resale sites and how patience could really pay off. >> keeping profits flowing even if snow isn't falling. the high-tech investments in lake tahoe. and here are some more of those photos you have been sending to us. stephanie showing us her 9er nails. we know what player these guys are big fans of. adam and derek showing their support for michael crabtree at candlestick. >> twins ben and mattie just love the 49ers. grandma patrice sent us this picture. nice working grandma. go 9ers. they are from newark.
6:36 pm
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tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking advair. if you're still having difficulty breathing, ask your doctor if including advair could help improve your lung function. get your first full prescription free and save on refills at police officer has been shot. these are live pictures from
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breaking news in oakland. a first look from chopper 5. these are live pictures of the scene where an oakland police officer has been shot. this is east 12th street and 49th avenue in east oakland. police vehicles still on the scene as you can see there. a number of emergency vehicles a crime scene tape blocking off part of the roadway there. that officer as we are told has been rushed to the hospital. we do not have word on his condition. we have crews on the way and they will be reporting back shortly. more tickets to the super bowl are hitting the market just hours after the 49ers distributed their tickets to select season ticket holder. >> but the nfl is warning be careful before you buy. >> i'm going to the super bowl, whoo! >> i am kaepernicking right now. reporter: they may be blue but these tickets are as good as gold. a group of lucky season ticketholders chosen by lottery won the right to pay $600 to $1,200 per ticket for next weekend's game. and many said that's a bargain.
6:39 pm
>> it's worth it because we have never been to the super bowl so it will be the first time. >> reporter: if they wanted to sell them these folks could make serious dough. super bowl tickets are going for several times face value on resale sites like stubhub which right now has about 3,000 tickets for sale. but prices are expected to fluctuate in the next eight days. >> as you start getting into the beginning of next week, prices will definitely rise. and as you get to thursday, friday, you will see prices start dipping again and as you get into saturday and sunday, in all likelihood you will see prices really decline. >> reporter: with so much money at stake, the nfl is warning ticket buyers to beware of counterfeiters. check the security features on the back like this hologram on the top and this heat sensitive star on the bottom that disappears when you rub it. something these fans don't have to worry about. their only concern? getting to new orleans. >> we have hotel reservations, the car plan, the airline
6:40 pm
flights. we are going down to support the team. >> last year some ticket sold for below face value on the day of the game. >> stubhub is tracking who is buying tickets this year. turns out they are --there are more of those tickets being sold to fans in california than baltimore and that could mean that we'll see more 9ers than ravens fans in the stadium next sunday. school interesting. people say if you just stand around outside the super bowl and you, you know, start talking to certain guys, they got certain tickets they got to get rid of. >> you have to know what to look for when it comes to counterfeit. what would you do if nature determined your profits? coming up, how some tahoe resorts are going high-tech so revenue doesn't freeze when there is no snow. >> meteorologist paul deanno with your forecast. coming up, find out why all this heavy rainfall in southern california led to our sunny warm day here. beautiful friday night. we'll take you outside. oh, what a gorgeous shot from our new hd oakland cam. i'll have your weekend forecast
6:41 pm
peering almost all the to february coming up. >> ahead we have heard jim harbaugh talk about his quarterback. wait until you see what jim's dad had to say about colin kaepernick. and a bay area grammy award winner is struck with 49ers fever. [ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
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with almost five feet of new snow in the past few days, you might not think ski resorts are spending much time thinking about making snow. >> well, as cbs 5's allen martin shows us, not every year brings such bountiful snowpack. and resorts are heavily invested so they can cover their assets and mountains when the snow is scarce. >> reporter: money may not grow from trees but does fall from the sky. >> automatically adjusts itself. >> reporter: ski resources are investing millions in equipment and computer technology to prevent losing millions more in revenue when mother nature gets stingy with the snowfall. anybody who lived in california
6:45 pm
long enough knows no two winters are the same. this year is shaping up to be a pretty good year over 100 inches of natural snow. last year at this time only 16." that's why they make snow. and resorts now make snow almost anytime the weather is right for it to provide skiers and snowboarders with a fresh topping of powder. heavenly in south lake tahoe has been making snow for 30 years and has the largest snowmaking system in the west. 65 of these high-powered fan guns can turn two-thirds of the mountain's dirt slopes into skiable snow-covered runs. it used to be that someone had to physically be on the mountain and personally monitor each snow gun and weather conditions. now snowmaking has gone high- tech. barrett burkhart who runs heaven le's snowmaking operation doesn't even have to be sitting at the computer. >> from my phone, smartphone, house, i can control the pumps, compressor, the fan guns and just the technology with these kind of takes operator error
6:46 pm
out of it. >> reporter: he says the whole system is faster to react to changes. >> one degree temperature, you know, is add more gallons and flow so the snowmaker might not get back to making snow until an hour between checks so with these they are doing it every second updating the flow of water. >> reporter: is there a difference between natural and manmade snow? >> it's a denser product but it's really soft. you kind of stay on it. with natural powder you sink down into it. >> reporter: not all skiers are sold. >> glosses over the top when it's packed and it ices over quickly. >> reporter: when it comes down to skiing or not? >> last year was good thanks to them making snow. otherwise it wasn't. they were not good conditions last year. >> no. >> reporter: and it's also the difference between a good and bad night's sleep for barrett burkhart. >> i didn't sleep last year. >> reporter: if you look outside and it's snowing? >> that's a good thing. >> reporter: enjoy the new skis and snowboards. in south lake tahoe, allen
6:47 pm
martin cbs 5. we are getting more information on the breaking story right now. an officer shot in east oakland. you're looking at live pictures from chopper 5. we have just got off the phone with the police department spokesman. the uniformed officer was shot at about 5:47 p.m. he is in stable condition now being treated at an area hospital. we have also learned that two suspects are in custody. and the area on east 12th street at 49th avenue still blocked off right now while they continue with that investigation. again, some good news. the officer who was shot earlier this evening in east oakland is in stable condition. our crews are headed to the scene right now. more on this through the evening on and, of course, on eyewitness news at 10:00 and 11:00. let's talk about weather now. we just saw that story about how they can make the snow if there's not much in the mountains. thankfully in the sierra, we
6:48 pm
are doing well with the snowpack. we are at 97% which is so much better than last year. last january at this time we were at 40% snowpack. but january 1st of this year, we were at 136%. so we are certainly trailing off and with another dry evening, throughout the bay area and the sierra, we are not adding to that snowpack not naturally. coming up tonight with mainly cloudy skies, vallejo down to 46. fairfield 42. 44 for fremont also the mid-40s for pacifica, redwood city and mountain view. two things i want to show you. one, that area of low pressure that gave you in san jose and milpitas and campbell and livermore all that heavy rainfall yesterday, well that heavy rainfall is now in southern california. but that same weather system is the catalyst for the sunshine and mild weather today. how does that happen? when it moves far enough away it takes the clouds with it but we still get the southerly influence. that's were we were mild today. factor in the sunshine and many of you were in the mid- to upper 60s. we look to the north for the next weathermaker where things
6:49 pm
typically come fro. a cold front will get here tomorrow. tiny chance of a shower north of the golden gate but we all will get cooler air. 60s tomorrow, no. we'll have highs in the mid- to upper 50s. by the top of next week, we are going to have cold nights lows in the 30s again down near freezing in the inland valleys and highs only in the mid-50s the cooler air moving in starting tomorrow. no more 60s for a while. slight chance of a weekend shower if i had to pinpoint one half of one day that would be the wettest, scattered showers on sunday morning. next week sunny and dry but the nights will be certainly chilly. highs tomorrow mid 50s. livermore 56. san jose 58. mid- to upper 50s for los altos, palo alto, mountain view, milpitas. we are looking at mid-50s for concord and pittsburg, 55 for san ramon. sonoma tomorrow 58 up toward wine country. santa rosa 57. alameda 57 degrees. sunday low 50s chilly day. slight chance of a morning shower. sunshine builds back in, cold nights, 50s for the afternoon monday through wednesday. back to the 60s a couple of degrees above normal next
6:50 pm
thursday annex friday. and that is your cbs 5 forecast. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible.
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the 49ers... ...they practiced today, will practice saturday... ...and are scheduled to leave good evening. we'll hit you with the 49ers. they practiced today they will practice saturday and are
6:53 pm
scheduled to leave for new orleans sunday at noon. we'll be there to bring you the latest. jim harbaugh is notorious for giving little if any information. his dad jack had a hard time with him before the 2011 draft. >> can you tell me? tell me, tomorrow you're going to draft a quarterback. who is it going to be? and it goes dead silent. [ laughter ] >> not a word. and i can just hear him going, oh.... oh.... on the phone i can hear him breathing. i said, jim, tomorrow's the day. dad, will you pledge that you will not share this information with anyone? you can't even talk about it with jackie. will you promise me that you will keep this totally secret? i said, jim, you have my honor, you have my word. and then he mentioned that colin kaepernick was going to be the guy he was going to draft. i said, jim, that's the guy.
6:54 pm
>> all right. hey, you people of the 49ers empire, how about that, remember this from the glory days of the 1980s? ♪ [ music ]♪ ♪ 49ers ♪ >> that is from grammy award winning producer michael waldon. the long-time 49ers fans revised the '84 tune at his marin county studio this morning before flying out for a gig with pete townsend. >> my inspiration is to give the music that will pump our boys. i know they're already pumped but we need like a celebration of spirit. you know? as they move into the super bowl to make sure we win this thing so from my side, i want to be like a champion to inspire the champions. give them some fuel. the music world, they can dance, party, feel the vibes. we are all so excited. >> all right. tiger looks like he has his mojo back. farmers insurance open torrey pines kind to him over the
6:55 pm
years. today he is on fire shot a 7- under 65. he won at torrey pines 7 times. nice shot at the 7th hole. he is leading by two strokes heading into round 3 tomorrow. and golden gate fields legendary jockey russell bays drove his 50,000th race today. no jockey has ridden more. he is only 50 wins behind the all-time leader in wins. he came in third riding finish rich in nyc. >> are you still going to go on racing? >> oh, of course, yeah. i'm having a lot of fun. this is a great -- i can't imagine doing anything else tell you the truth. i'm healthy riding good horses so i'm going to keep riding as long as i can. >> all right. coming up after this newscast, top of the hour, hold on to something! we have a special hour long super bowl edition of "49ers preview." everything you need to know
6:56 pm
leading up to super sunday february 3rd here on cbs 5. if you love the 49ers, i'm just say, you have to watch this show! 7:00. >> all right. we'll be there. >> you were singing the 49ers thing. julie watts -- tell the story -- >> i was just -- why do you do this to me? i did a cheerleading dance to that song. elementary school. saint claire in santa clara. >> and you nailed it. i'm sure. >> of course. >> 49ers, since he was a little kid. captions by: caption colorado rings ] good evening this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive. look, if you have copd like me you know it can be hard to breathe, and how that feels. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva helps control my copd symptoms by keeping my airways open for 24 hours. plus, it reduces copd flare-ups. spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that does both.
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♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ i refuse to go along with this immediate jockty i've heard of. i say of that san francisco 49ers will stand on their own two feet and will at some point
6:59 pm
be reckoned with the in the national football league. >> mediocrity is from a bygone era. >> the 49ers have held. >> the standard has been established. a standard of very top and lofty standard has been established. >> seifert continued the dynasty with two more lombardi trophies. >> i understand what i'm getting into. this is the most successful franchise in pro football over the last 15 years. ♪ [ music ]♪ >> 57 wins in six years for steve mariucci but this time the super bowl wasn't among them. >> fortunate to be in this situation. this is a great situation. >> it's reasonable to think you can turn things around very quickly. i feel very confident in that. >> i'm very excited. very thankful. very humble

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